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More Than 40 Years Of Experience In Probate Disputes

I am probate litigation attorney David I. Grauer, of White Plains, New York. If you are involved in a contested will or trust dispute, call my office for a free phone consultation to discuss your probate objection. We will go over concerns such as:

  • Were the terms of the will or trust recently revised fairly and properly?
  • Did the executor, a beneficiary, or some other party use undue influence to cause the decedent to draft or revise the will or terms of the trust?
  • Was the original draft or revision of the will or trust witnessed properly?
  • Did the decedent have proper capacity, and were all requisite formalities complied with?
  • Is there a suspicion of estate fraud, undervaluation of assets or hidden assets?
  • Was the decedent of sound mind when drafting or revising the will or terms of the trust?
  • Was the language of the will or terms of the trust ambiguous?
  • How do extended family members, stepchildren, etc. figure as beneficiaries?

I have worked with many individuals and families to help resolve probate disputes. My law firm, David I. Grauer, Attorney at Law, is in White Plains, New York, and I provide legal counsel for people seeking to probate a will or object to the admission of that will in Westchester County and surrounding counties in the New York City Metro Area.

Common Causes Of Probate Objections

When a person writes a will, the intent is to ensure that their final wishes will be carried out. A will is a legal document, and the probate court needs to authenticate that document and provide legal authority so the fiduciaries or agents charged with the responsibility carry out the instructions of the decedent. Unfortunately, people often forget or forego updating their wills as their circumstances change over the years.

In other instances, the language of the will may be too vague or potentially discriminatory, leaving out heirs or benefactors who may properly pursue legal claims to receive a distribution of the decedent’s assets. In addition, it may also be possible to claim that the decedent was coerced into drafting or changing their will, without the capacity to understand the consequences.

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