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Modification Of Support Or Custody Orders

Life rarely stays the same for any length of time. If your life circumstances have significantly changed since the court issued your original support or custody order, you may be able to modify or change the order.

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Making Changes To Child Support Or Maintenance

It takes a material change in circumstance to change a child support or maintenance order. Here are some of the most common examples of such a change of circumstance:

  • Any major job status change, including and not limited to termination of employment
  • Any major change in the compensation package of the other parent
  • Disability and/or serious illness
  • The remarriage of a former spouse
  • A major change in the financial needs of a child

Note: If more than three years have passed since the original order was entered, you can and should evaluate whether a support modification is appropriate, even if other circumstances have not materially changed. Further, there may be cost-of-living increase provisions that need to be implemented.

Making Changes To Child Custody Or Visitation

To modify a child custody or visitation order, you must be able to show that a substantial life change has occurred and that the proposed modification would be in the child’s best interests. Here are a few potential examples:

  • Your company transfers you to a different state.
  • The other parent has become terminally ill and unable to care for the child.
  • The other parent has abandoned or abused the child.
  • The other parent has become addicted to drugs or alcohol.
  • The child is now a teenager who desires a different custody arrangement.

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