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Are You Hoping For An Uncontested Divorce?

If you are considering filing for divorce, do you know all of the questions to ask?

I am David I. Grauer, Attorney at Law. For more than 40 years, I have been representing clients in White Plains and throughout the region who are going through the divorce process.

I have seen how divorce can cause long-term emotional turmoil if the parties do not understand the process. Divorce is not only the end of your old marriage and family life; it is also the beginning of a new future. Landing on your feet with your parenting rights and your financial interests intact is critical, and I will assist you in meeting those objectives. One of those ways is through a no-fault divorce.

Helping You Draft An Agreement That Actually Works

Divorce in New York can frequently be litigious and often acrimonious, as the parties dispute who is at fault and how marital assets should be divided and debt allocated. In October 2010, the New York legislature passed the no-fault divorce law. Under the new law, either party can file for divorce without grounds, and my task as your attorney is to assist you in arriving at a negotiated agreement regarding child custody and support as well as the division of marital assets and spousal maintenance where appropriate.

My law firm is in White Plains, New York, and I provide legal counsel for people seeking divorce in Westchester County and surrounding counties in the New York City metro area. Call me at 914-269-2419 or contact my office by email to arrange a free initial phone consultation with an experienced White Plains divorce lawyer.

Answering The Questions That Matter Most

When we meet to discuss your future, I will ask questions that most people typically don’t think of when worried about their future.

We will discuss:

  • Have you and your spouse agreed to resolve the disputes in an amicable manner, perhaps suggesting mediation to resolve disputes about marital property and debt?
  • Is it necessary for your divorce to be litigated on legal grounds, or perhaps can you file under New York’s new no fault* divorce law?
  • If spousal maintenance (alimony) will be an issue, how should the law be applied respecting the length of payments, and what are the critical facts that need to be examined?
  • What about the valuation of pension funds and qualified retirement savings, based upon the current value of any applicable annuity?
  • How will parenting time and access be determined, and how will those questions relate to child support obligations?
  • How should parenting time be structured for changes as your children become older? What about stepchildren that may be involved in parenting time? Grandparents’ rights?
  • What about estate planning, and how should you change your will and trust to protect your future after divorce?
  • What mistakes should you be sure to avoid during the divorce process?

In many divorces, the big issues are often the clearest and quickest to resolve. Make sure your attorney has the experience and knowledge to address the issues that often fall between the cracks.

Get A Free Phone Consultation

I extend a free phone consultation, and I offer flexible and individualized appointments. Throughout your case, you can count on me to return your calls and keep you apprised of developments. Call me at 914-269-2419 for a free telephone consultation. I offer flexible appointment hours to meet at my office in White Plains.

*As of October 2010, the state of New York now allows no-fault divorce. It is no longer necessary to allege grounds such as adultery, abandonment or cruel and inhuman treatment, or to live apart for one year under a formal separation agreement. This is welcome news for people “held hostage” to a marriage that isn’t working. I can answer all of your questions about the dissolution of marriage under New York no-fault divorce laws.