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Skilled Assistance With Property Division Matters

My name is David Grauer. I have more than 40 years of experience providing compassionate, sophisticated representation in all areas of family law. My goal is to listen to your concerns and develop strategies that will resolve disputes, achieve your goals and protect your financial interests.

Contact me, a property division lawyer in White Plains, to schedule an appointment or to have a telephone consultation. I represent men and women throughout the New York City metro area and Westchester County.

Significant Assets Call For Sophisticated Legal Representation

Divorce proceedings are very similar to dissolving a business or economic partnership that has accumulated assets during its lifetime. I am skilled and experienced in assisting clients with all issues and all aspects related to equitable property division in divorce under New York law, including:

  • Categorization of property as marital or separate property and as an example, one spouse may have received an inheritance or another gift of money separately from the other spouse
  • Negotiation and resolution of conflicting claims relating to the large scope and variety of marital assets
  • Valuation and adjudication of assets such as retirement benefits, annuities, bonuses, workers’ compensation claims, personal injury claims, enhanced earning components resulting from postgraduate degrees or specialized training, other assets and property, including investment real estate

An in-depth understanding of your interests and goals and the underlying facts of your case are a vital part of reaching equitable property division as part of a divorce settlement, as is detailed research and analysis. I am a highly experienced, successful negotiator and litigator who will focus on creating a comprehensive settlement position to reach the best resolution possible given your individual circumstances, through each stage of the legal process.

No Matter Your Questions, I’m Here To Provide Answers

No matter what your questions about the categorization and division of marital property, I am here to help. My goal is to provide practical advice designed to efficiently resolve your problems out of court in a manner that achieves your property division goals. I am also a veteran courtroom lawyer who will fight to protect your position when litigation becomes unavoidable.

I offer a free phone consultation and flexible appointments. Call my law firm, David I. Grauer, Attorney at Law, at 914-269-2419 to schedule a convenient time to discuss your legal matter with an experienced Westchester divorce attorney. I serve clients in New Rochelle, Scarsdale, White Plains and throughout New York state.