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Resolving Civil Litigation In New York

You may need legal counsel for many reasons, but the qualities of a good lawyer are critically important. You want someone who is not only familiar with the particular area of the law but who is also a critical thinker and very excellent listener.

You want to feel that your lawyer cares about you and your legal problem. You want to know that your lawyer will value your input and strive to meet your goals rather than pursue his own agenda. My name is David Grauer and for more than 40 years my practice has been based upon the philosophy just now enunciated and primarily if not exclusively predicated upon client and attorney referrals.

Many of my clients want a prompt resolution; however upon discussion and deliberation it becomes clear that a strategic and assertive approach is needed to meet their goals. I tailor my legal representation to help the client achieve the sought objectives. I am known by my legal peers and community as a discerning litigator, an ethical attorney and at all times both a practical and passionate advocate for my clients. I have also been called a “lawyer’s lawyer,” and have been frequently retained by other law firms and attorneys for assistance with complex litigation and for their personal legal matters.

I am a solo attorney with more than four decades of experience in persuasive negotiation, mediation, arbitration, trials and appeals in state and federal courts in New York. When you hire David I. Grauer, Attorney at Law, you get a thoughtful, compassionate and hardworking lawyer who thrives on problem-solving and pledges the following:

  • I promptly return calls.
  • I listen to my clients and help them clarify their goals and priorities.
  • I give honest, direct and focused advice and counsel.
  • I keep the lines of communication open.
  • I solve problems, working from clients’ goals.
  • I fight for my clients.
  • I do not nickel-and-dime my clients and fight to prevent litigation from dragging on to generate fees.

Litigation does not always mean resolving disputes before a judge or a jury. I use the best method available to achieve the desired result in the least time with the least expense, with the greatest degree of control over the outcome. If mediation, persuasion, negotiation and settlement cannot work, as a seasoned and veteran trial lawyer, I am prepared to advance your interests in a contested manner and the knowledge that we are prepared to go to trial frequently closes the gap.

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Your Goals Are My Goals

I offer sophisticated legal advocacy for all disputes relating to:

  • Divorce and family law: I handle all types of matrimonial and custody litigation, including divorces, such as high-asset, contested and uncontested divorces, and all the issues that come with them, including bitter custody fights and tangled disputes over visitation and support, spousal support and property division. I can also keep you safe if you are the victim of domestic violence.
  • Probate and estate litigation: I can help families resolve any disputes that arise during the probate process, including will contests, accounting litigation and all other types of litigation related to the administration of a trust.
  • Business litigation: I represent business owners, partners, shareholders and executives throughout the region in the full spectrum of commercial litigation including breach of contracts, collections, unfair competition and other disputes with associates, employees and competitors, lease disputes and more.
  • Real estate disputes: I can represent you in all facets of any type of litigation involving commercial or residential real estate, from breach of transaction and construction litigation to zoning appeals and property disputes.

I strive for out-of-court remedies, but I have handled trials and appeals at every level, including landmark cases and successful precedent-setting appeals. My experience and my approach consistently produce expeditious and cost-effective solutions, no matter how complex or how high the stakes of the conflict.

Schedule A Complimentary Phone Consultation With A Knowledgeable Lawyer

As your attorney, my goal will be to keep your case moving toward an effective, cost-efficient resolution that protects your interests and legal rights. If necessary, I can use my extensive courtroom experience to aggressively advocate for your interests, using all the resources at my firm’s disposal.

I extend a free phone consultation, and I offer flexible and individualized appointments. Throughout your case, you can count on me to return your calls and keep you apprised of developments. Call my law firm, David I. Grauer, Attorney at Law, at 914-269-2419 or contact me online. Based in White Plains, my full-service law firm represents a diverse clientele in Westchester, and throughout the New York City metro area and Lower Hudson Valley.