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Strong Advocacy In Estate Litigation

The orderly transfer of wealth after a loved one has died is sometimes not so orderly. If there are questions about the validity of the will or administration of a trust, the dispute may end up in court.

My name is David Grauer, and I bring more than 40 years of experience in probate and trust litigation. My White Plains law practice serves families throughout Westchester County and the New York City metro area on either side of will contests. Other attorneys also frequently retain me for disputes relating to any phase of the estate administration process.

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Helping Beneficiaries Effectively Resolve Will Contests

I have defended estates and litigated on behalf of beneficiaries or excluded heirs who were challenging the distribution of the estate according to the terms of a will. Surrogates or estate judges in many counties have frequently appointed me to act as an expert and guardian in many complex cases. My experience covers every allegation or scenario, including:

  • Undue influence of one heir to the detriment or exclusion of others
  • Fraud or conversion of assets
  • Mental incompetence of the deceased
  • Trust litigation and disputes
  • Other types of probate disputes

A person of “sound mind and body” can dictate who inherits what. The distribution does not have to be equal among siblings, for instance. I am called in when there is suspicion that the deceased was manipulated into altering a will or when the executor is accused of impropriety.

I realize that these disputes position family members against each other. My goal is to uphold my client’s interests without fanning the flames unnecessarily. When there is an honest disagreement about the intentions of the deceased or the value of assets, I work to forge a fair resolution. I am a formidable trial lawyer, and if my client has been deprived of a rightful inheritance, I can and will take every appropriate step to address that unjust situation and restore the proper outcome.

Guiding You Through Your Estate Administration Responsibilities

I also assist executors and trustees with responsibly carrying out the duties of probate, estate or trust administration. I can guide you through all appointed duties, from marshaling assets and paying debts to the final distributions, accounting and reporting.

I offer a free phone consultation and flexible appointments. Call David I. Grauer, Attorney at Law, at 914-269-2419 to schedule a convenient time to discuss your estate-related dispute.