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Protecting Your Parental Rights In Custody Cases

My name is David Grauer. With more than 40 years of experience handling all issues and aspects of divorce proceedings, I offer compassionate and practical guidance regarding your most important and precious asset – your child or children.

Contact me, a White Plains child custody attorney, to schedule an appointment or have a telephone consultation. I represent men and women in Westchester County and the New York City metro area.

Sensitive And Practical Legal Advice From A Highly Experienced Attorney

As a veteran family law attorney, I will listen carefully to your child custody dispute concerns and guide you in defining interim and permanent parenting and visitation plans that are sensitive to your family’s unique needs, in particular the best interests of your child or children.

Custody of and access to the child or children are different concepts. Custody involves recognizing the best environment for the children to thrive from the perspective of which parent is best equipped to make the decisions necessary for the child or children, including decisions related to education, health and welfare, religion and who will pay the related costs.

Appointing A Law Guardian

In some cases, the parents can make these decisions jointly. Occasionally, it is necessary to seek the appointment of a law guardian to ensure that the child’s best interests are protected in child custody arrangements and visitation schedules, and in those instances I have unique depth and vast experience in dealing with those cases.

Frequently, divorcing parties are able to resolve access issues in the early stages of the divorce proceedings, but the custody and overriding financial issues are not susceptible to early resolution. In those cases, my vast experience will guide you through the maze and sort out the issues to lead you to an early and timely resolution of the case. I can also assist you with custody modifications, if necessary.

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The well-being of your child or children and the ongoing protection of their best interests are of the utmost importance. As your lawyer, my primary goal is to resolve your concerns out of court, in order to avoid unnecessarily putting you and your children through the trauma of a divorce trial.

If a suitable agreement cannot be reached, however, litigation may be unavoidable. In those cases, I offer experienced, sophisticated representation at trial, always focused on the goal of achieving your objectives and resolving the case on the best terms possible during or following a trial.

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