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How To Select A Divorce Attorney

As a result of many years of experience in this arena I have come to realize that when a client is faced with a dilemma of selecting counsel the client is sometimes referred to a particular attorney through a prior client referral process and that individual or client may frequently have contact information for more than one lawyer and the question that is upper most in the mind of the client is how do I make a decision and how do I know that I am selecting the best person to assist me in this complicated process. Stated otherwise; the very simple question that is frequently perplexing for many individuals and clients is how do I decide how to hire the best counsel to represent me in this difficult process. I have found over many years of successfully representing clients in many difficult and complex arenas, that perhaps the single most important factor that determines the success of the venture and governs the resolution of the matter in the easiest possible fashion centers around the subject of communication. It is critically important that the client be able to communicate with the lawyer and that the lawyer respond to the inquiries and the needs of the client in a timely and prompt basis. It is also important that the client understand the attorney and that the attorney make a great effort to explain what is being done, how it is being done and what are the primary goals and objectives. Choices, options and available alternate approaches and theories must always be adequately detailed.

I have worked hard over many, many years to place great emphasis on the simple subject matter of communication. It is critically important to develop a clear rapport with the client and to communicate in a precise, non-ambiguous manner with the client so that all questions are answered and most importantly so that the attorney understands the primary goals and principal objectives of the client. In a particular case the focus might be upon alimony and how best to negotiate the longest package. Similarly a resolution may be dependent upon the early sale of real estate and a reallocation of the martial dwelling. Equitable distribution might involve an enormous variety of different assets but the division of those assets will not engender the same emotional issues that inevitably flow from a compulsory sale of the martial dwelling and certainly issues relating to access or custody are understandingly paramount.

Here it is very important that the lawyer speak with the client and review the multiplicity of issues that govern the resolution of the matrimonial case and it is important that the client understand that there are areas with great discretion and there are areas that are largely governed by statutory formulas. Here again communication is the key and I have found that a successful resolution of a case consistent with the goals and objectives of the clients rests in great measure upon the degree to which there is a clear meeting of the minds and a clear understanding of the strategy that has been employed. A successful resolution will generally not rest upon the depth of the particular attorney’s knowledge in a particular arena given the fact that at a starting point most of the lawyers that any client is considering will have a degree of experience and depth of knowledge that is similar in scope to the vast experience offered by an attorney of my caliber and what will separate success from failure will frequently rest upon a bilateral acknowledgment of the priority of objectives ancillary to the critically important issue of communication. To further emphasize this, I suggest that the client carefully weigh the degree to which the lawyer is prepared to listen to the cares and concerns of the client and that the client carefully evaluate to what extent the lawyer has responded to the questions and inquiries of the client. I strive to be an excellent listener and I strive to fully respond to every inquiry and question and most importantly to gain an understanding and an insight to the critically important nuances that permeate the needs of the particular client. My services are streamlined and expert on every level and the needs, objectives and goals of the client are placed at the top of the list in establishing the priority of success.