Contested Divorce

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Marital property, marital debt and the future value of retirement accounts are often among the most contested issues between divorcing spouses a divorce in New York. Frequently, marital property settlements often result in more acrimony than child custody and parenting time.

Experienced White Plains Contested Divorce Lawyer

If you are heading into divorce in Westchester County and know that the fair distribution of marital property and debt will be an important factor, make sure your attorney has the experience to protect your rights and financial interests. My name is David Grauer, and I have handled countless contested divorces for clients in White Plains and throughout Westchester County. I understand the underlying concerns that often drive marital property litigation. I rely on my litigation knowledge in a broad range of areas to give my clients the edge at the negotiating table and in court, if trial becomes necessary.

I quiet the emotions and focus on realities. I work with forensic accountants and other professionals to evaluate and uncover assets, including assets your spouse may have hidden.

Call my office to discuss your contested divorce issues, including:

  • Marital property and debt
  • Litigation regarding the validity of a prenuptial agreement
  • Child custody and parenting time disputes
  • Spousal maintenance, also known as alimony
  • Pension and retirement qualified domestic relations orders (QDRO)
  • Real property and all other assets
  • Securities, stocks and overseas investments
  • Business valuations and professional partnerships

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My law firm is located in White Plains, New York, and I provide legal counsel for people seeking divorce in Westchester County and surrounding counties in the New York City Metro Area.

I extend a free phone consultation, and I offer flexible and individualized appointments. Throughout your case, you can count on me to return your calls and keep you apprised of developments. Call me toll free at 877-517-0648 or contact my office by e-mail for a free telephone consultation. I offer flexible appointment hours to meet at my office in White Plains.